9 Tips for Seniors During Warmer Weather

As the summer heat grows stronger toward the end of the season, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re enjoying the season safely. High temps & longer days can mean extra stress on your body, especially for older citizens. To make the most out of the rest of your summer, keep these tips in mind.



Limit your activity outside during peak hours. Plan any gardening or outdoor walks for the cooler times of the day, such as early morning or dusk. Make sure that you’re enjoying shaded areas and that you take frequent breaks in the air conditioning.

 Avoid using your stove or grill on hot days. Not only does it put stress on your own body to be hovering over heat while cooking, but it can quickly heat up your home, sometimes taking hours to get the temp back to your preferred setting.

Keep a fan running in your home to improve air circulation, but don’t rely on it as the primary source of cooling. Make sure your air conditioning is checked regularly at the beginning of the summer season to ensure a safe and comfortable summer.

Think about the season when getting ready. Put those heavy, long pants away for the summer and start wearing more lightweight fabrics that breathe easily and help keep you cool.

Check the weather regularly. The best way to have an enjoyable summer is to plan according to the weather. Save any outdoor activities for cooler day and use the weather to help plan your day.




Stay hydrated. Although you might not feel thirsty, water is such a crucial part of keeping yourself healthy – it impacts not only your physical wellbeing, but has surprising effects on your mental wellbeing as well. Try setting an alarm to remind yourself to drink a glass of water every so often. Add some citrus or berry to your water to keep things interesting. Get a water bottle that has measurements on it so you can track how much water you’re consuming. Just like other elements of living a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated in something you have to be intentional about.

Check in with your loved ones regularly. Make plans to call a family member or friend daily. Not only is this routine great for your mental health, but it’s a simple way to make sure the ones you care for most are staying cool in the summer, and vice versa.

Get plenty of rest. The heat can zap your energy quicker than in cooler months. Take a nap in the air conditioning over the hot noon hours and let your body recover. It’s not laziness, it’s self-care!

Change up your diet. Save your heavier meals for dinner time and incorporate delicious seasonal vegetables and fruits that are clever ways to consume extra water! Enjoy salads, cold pastas and other things that are refreshing in hot weather.


The cooler fall temps are still months away, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself during the summer months. Make the right adjustments to your environment and prioritize self-care to make the most out of your summer.

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