Best Winter Activities for Elders

Finding age appropriate activities for seniors to stay busy can be especially hard during the winter. Sledding and ice skating can lead to dangerous falls, and staying in and watching holiday movies is only fun for so long. This year help an older person in your life take up a new winter hobby to keep spirits high even when temps are low. We’re outlining a couple of our favorite ideas, and hopefully one of them will spark some interest in you or an older loved one in your life who needs a hobby to hold them over until spring!
Genealogy Research
Who better to start research into the family history than the person with the most information? Older people can use any one of the genealogy research websites to start delving into old records and trace their ancestry through the ages. After the initial setup, some seniors may need help learning how to navigate the website. Once they get started, you’ll be just as excited as they are to see how far back you can trace the records in your family. This is also a great way to spark conversation about old family members and stories you may not have heard about before.
Indoor Plants
Who says you can’t stop and smell the flowers all year long? If you take up caring for a couple of indoor plants, you can prove them wrong. Amaryllis is a fast-growing, beautiful flower that’s easy to care for even during the winter. It only takes about six weeks before you’ll see a gorgeous bloom, and they come in a variety of colors including red, white, orange, pink, salmon and even dual-colored options. African violets, Christmas cacti, Hawaiian wedding vines, poinsettias and jasmine are all also plants which are easily grown and enjoyed indoors during the winter.
Lunch Dates
Put a little “day” in your date by choosing a fun new lunch spot to try! There are plenty of new restaurants popping up around Lincoln all the time and, of course, a few hidden gems you may not have tried which have been around for years. Whether you find a new spot every week or a comfortable place to keep coming back to, every day can be brightened by a great plate of food. Remember to be cautious of dietary restrictions. Take them into account and call ahead about specifics before choosing a new joint.
Arrange a Centerpiece
handmade centerpiece can brighten any room. Help an older person you know get to a craft store and grab all the fancy fake foliage you can find. Then you can work together to DIY a gorgeous wintery decoration that’s sure to grab attention. The best part about making your own centerpiece is you’ll never find another one like it. Let the older person in your life show their creativity with this easy indoor project.
Take on a Charity Project
There are few activities which feed the soul better than helping a person in need. Charity organizations are always grateful for donations, especially during the winter, so use some of your spare time to do what you can. Whether you help organize a canned food drive or simply work with a few friends to make fleece tie blankets for the local shelter, you’ll feel great about using your time to help those less fortunate get through a tough winter. This is a great activity for older people who live in assisted living or nursing homes as they can work together with other residents to make extra blankets.
Whatever your hobbies, it’s important to remember winter isn’t just a time to sit inside on the couch until the warm weather returns. Picking up a new hobby may be just what’s needed to help an older person in your life remain happy and healthy all season long.
To learn more about the activities which keep our residents active here at the Waterford, give us a call today! We’d love to schedule a tour and talk to you about assisted living options.

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