Technology for Seniors: Part 2

We’re back with more apps and pieces of technology aimed towards seniors! Last time we talked about Breezie, The Jitterbug Smart, and the grandPad and this week we’re talking about the Emporia Telecom Smartphone, Pillboxie, Senior Planet, and Amazon Echo.

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Emporia Telecom Smartphone

Emporia Telecom Smartphones are designed for individuals whose priority is ease-of-use instead of all the extra functions that normal smartphones have. Their first smartphone for seniors is called the emporiaSMART and one of the main features of this device that makes it more user-friendly than other smartphones is the emporia keypad display cover. Touch screens are often hard for seniors to use, especially if they have a slight tremor. The emporiaSMART comes with a keypad display cover that allows seniors to enter numbers, scroll through the telephone book with the arrow buttons, and read/write text messages without having to deal with the actual touchscreen surface, and the display cover curbs any shaking for a smoother display. You can flip the cover over to use the actual touchscreen if necessary, and a stylus pen is provided to help make that functionality easier.


Pillboxie is an “easy, virtual way to remember your meds.” It is a medication app that reminds patients when to take their meds. There are clear instructions that appear when you first open the app and you can access these from the settings page whenever you need to reference them. You can enter in all the medications you need to take, and once you’ve checked off a medication that day, it turns gray so you know you’ve already taken it. You can also enter the reason for taking each medication, time and dose taken, how you feel after you take it, and any instructions for taking each medication. When it’s time to take one of your pills, you will get a notification on your smartphone or tablet reminding you to take them.


Lumosity gained a lot of traction a few years ago for being a fun, innovative way to keep your mind sharp. An article from WebMD explores in depth how brain training and cognitive function can be improved, and how some of the effects can be seen even 10 years after training. Luckily, this app is free, so there’s no wasting money on brain training classes. In 2016, The New Yorker explored new findings out of Toronto that even computer generated brain training lowered the chances of a test subject to develop brain-related diseases by a significant percentage. Lumosity makes it easy for seniors to train their brain in a fun way that’s free right from the comfort of their own homes!

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There are tons of other apps and pieces of technology out there to help seniors navigate this digital age we’re in such as the EyeReader which turns a smartphone into a magnifying glass and the Silver Surf app that helps seniors read small print with its zoom control. What other apps and technology do seniors you know like to use? Let us know! If you need more help than an app can provide in caring for your elderly loved ones, call the Waterford today to talk about your assisted living options.

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