Siblings Get Better with Age

You’re 13 years old and are told to spend time with your older or younger sibling(s). This probably is the last thing you want to do at that moment. You probably dislike your sibling(s) very much and dread the thought of having to spend more than five minutes with them. All you ever do is fight and you would much rather be an only child. Fast forward to age 30. You still bicker with your siblings and get in arguments, but you love hanging out with them and cherish the time you get to spend together. It’s no longer a chore to spend time together and you look forward to it. Fast forward again to age 70. You and your siblings might not be the most inseparable best friends there ever were, but you guys are probably closer now than you ever have been. Here are a few reasons why your siblings get better with age:


Age Gap Doesn’t Matter

The older you get the more you realize that pesky age gap between you and your siblings doesn’t matter as much as it did when you were younger. When you were younger being in different grades meant you had different friend groups and were in different activity groups. There was a sense of competition between you and the younger ones were always jealous of the older ones when they got to do all the fun things first like get their driver’s license, ride the big rides, go to R rated movies and go to school dances. Once you’re all out of school and of legal age that stuff doesn’t matter as much. You get to do everything together and your friend groups can start to blend into one.

You’ve Done Life Together

Your siblings are your literal day ones and they have been with you through every milestone and hardship life has to offer. This can bring you closer to your siblings and help you guys appreciate each other. You understand what each other has been through and know how to celebrate when things are good as well as pick each other up when times are tough. You’re partners for life and can take comfort in knowing that you’ll always have someone there for you.


You Realize All of the Things You Have Done for Each Other

Whenever you needed to be bailed out of a situation, your sibling was always the one you could count on to help you out. Whether it was a time that they covered for you with your mom, helped you out with your own kids, or were just there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to you vent. Your siblings have seen you at your best and they’ve definitely seen you at your worst so as you get older you learn to appreciate and realize all of the things they have done for you and all of the things you have done for them throughout the years.

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