10 Reasons Families Fight About Senior Care

If you and your family haven’t already had “the talk” you may be coming up around that bend. No, we’re not referring to the birds and the bees talk with your kids, but the conversation and decision about a parent or loved ones later life care, once it’s clear they aren’t able to live independently any longer. Rarely is this an easy topic or time of transition. Whether you have a plan or not, decisions need to be made. Assisted living comes in different forms and packages, based on needs, budget and location. Speaking about a transition ahead of time can ease everyone into a smoother transition. the article below from A Place For Mom focuses on some top reasons why next care discussions can go south and how to better prepare when it’s your turn.

10 Reasons Families Fight About Senior Care
by Jeff Anderson

Caring for an aging loved one can be one of the most stressful family milestones. The sheer difficulty of the task, its high cost, as well as underlying family issues can collide to create a perfect storm of discontent.

Here are 10 reasons families fight about senior care, and advice about how to prevent these types of conflict from derailing you:

1. Siblings View Parent’s Needs Differently

Adult siblings don’t always see care needs the same way. One child may have the impression that mom is doing fine at home while another feels that care must be put in place immediately.


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