Elderly Depression

This can be a tough time of the year. The holidays have passed and there are fewer visitorsĀ and events to look forward to. It’s cold and dreary outside and as a result, it’s harder to get out and uncomfortable for many with arthritis or similar conditions. Depressions is not uncommon for any age during these long winter months. This time can be especially hard on the elderly, though. What is elderly depression and what are some warning signs to look for? A Place for Mom addresses these concerns in the following article.

Elderly Depression: Symptoms & Care

Does it seem like just yesterday that your mom lit up when you brought the grandchildren over? So why does she hardly smile and seem irritable around the kids now? Has your dad always been a lifelong baseball fan? So when did he start turning down box seat tickets at the ballpark? Sudden changes in mood and interest can signal more than just old age. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reports that elderly depression is not only widespread but “a serious public health concern.” Recent research suggests that as many as 15% of elders – that’s 6.5 million Americans-suffer from depression, and still more, 25%, report that they suffer from persistent feelings of sadness. READ MORE

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