Color Therapy

Color therapy isn’t just a term used in the decorating world. It can be used for sensory and mood therapy. Color is an important component, especially this time of year as we head into the colder months and bleaker days. For those who cannot get out on their own or are sensitive to colder months, interior surroundings can be extremely important and help with mood disorders. Want to learn more? Sarah Stevenson with A Place for Mom has written an excellent article on the topic. Below are some color descriptors to start…

  1. Red is said to be a stimulating, vital color, associated with strength, willpower, alertness and even libido. Color therapists use it to treat fatigue, anemia, low blood pressure and poor appetite.
  2. Yellow is thought to be good for clear thinking, concentration and judgment. Many people associate yellow with cheer and joy, and color therapists view it as a cleansing, purifying color, beneficial for the digestive system and nervous system.
  3. Green is a calming, relaxing and balancing color, not surprising since it is so prevalent in the natural world. It is said to soothe the nervous system, lower blood pressure, and balance metabolism.
  4. Blue is another peaceful, calming color, associated with creativity, thoughtfulness and healing. It can help with stress and insomnia, say color therapists, as well as encouraging anti-inflammation.
  5. White is one of the most common colors to paint our walls, but it also is said to be cleansing, purifying and strengthening, as well as calming.

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