What is Memory Care?

Memory care is not always a common term heard in the main stream, however it is a term we use often in assisted living. So what does memory care mean? The easiest definition is a form of long term care designed to meet the specialized needs of individuals experiencing memory loss, dementia or an Alzheimer’s or similar diagnosis. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that there is a difference in care and treatment from an assisted living facility compared to a memory care focused residence. For example we offer staff specifically trained in memory care therapy, communication, diet and care.

If your loved one does not have specific memory care needs, assisted living is an excellent choice. The Waterford Offers assisted living at our College View and Williamsburg locations. Our Wilderness Hills location is an excellent option for specific memory care needs. We currently have openings at Wilderness Hills and College View. Please call us today to set up your tour and to learn more about our residences and what we can offer you.


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