Remembering the Ones Who Fought for Our Freedom

We are privileged to hear all sorts of amazing stories about our residents, their families, history and perspective as time has passed. During holidays like the 4th of July, it’s a great time to catch up and listen to our residents tales from their time in the service, passed 4th of July celebrations and even hear their accounts about the wars that have been fought throughout their lives. It gives us a renewed appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice not only of many of our residents, but others around the U.S. and abroad who have fought for hard won freedoms.

Most all of the stories are stories of victories won, but none of the victories were without sacrifice. Fallen comrades in war, the sacrifice of families back home missing loved ones and also doing their part in the war, including rationing and manufacturing of war provisions are all sacrifices paid for our country. The Waterford thanks all of our veterans in residence, past and present and those who have served our wonderfully flawed nation we are proud to call not only the United States of America, but Home.

Happy, Thankful Fourth of July to everyone!

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